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Strong traceability arrangements are essential to demonstrate that products have been sourced both legally and responsibly.  

MRAG provides assurance to clients by verifying full supply chain traceability, assessing compliance with sourcing criteria, undertaking risk assessments and strengthening traceability systems. Unlike many other certifiers, MRAG specializes in fisheries, providing unique and relevant insights into seafood traceability all the way from catch or culture to consumer.

Traceability services include:

  • Customized, confidential and independent traceability audit of products from catch to consumer;
  • Confidential risk assessment to combat IUU (Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated) fishing and ensure seafood has not been caught illegally;
  • Facility visits to review effectiveness of traceability systems and processes; and
  • Traceability policy and system development.

In addition to general traceability, MRAG is able to certify clients to the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) Chain of Custody Standard.  We can also work with supply chains to help integrate certification audits where feasible with a view to minimizing costs.

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