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Program Management / Performance Evaluation

Effective program management is essential to achieving program objectives, building stakeholder support and achieving value for money.  Good program management starts with good program design, with incentives aligned to objectives, and is supported by clear and efficient processes for monitoring performance, financial administration, reporting and continuous improvement.

MRAG Asia Pacific has built up considerable experience in large scale fisheries program management in the Pacific region.  We work closely with clients to ensure program design best delivers on program objectives, and offer end-to end support services including:

  • Program coordination and planning;
  • Logistics
  • Financial management, accounting and reporting;
  • Operational and financial performance monitoring;
  • Management of external audits and reviews; and
  • Data analysis and reporting.

As a specialist fisheries consulting company, we understand how each program fits in to the overall fisheries management system and can ensure objectives are achieved accordingly.  

In addition to program management, MRAG’s expertise and experience has been used extensively by governments and international funding agencies to evaluate the performance of external projects and resource assessment programes.

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