National Study of Seafood Traceability

Client: WWF Australia
Duration: 2014
Seafood industry diagram

MRAG Asia Pacific were commissioned by WWF Australia to conduct a high level review of the performance of existing traceability systems of a number of prominent Australian seafood suppliers against draft Seafood Traceability Guidelines (“the Guidelines”) developed by WWF International.  The draft Guidelines were structured around three overarching components: (i) catch information to be traced, (ii) product transformation tracking, and (iii) system transparency and verification. The draft Guidelines are based around whole chain traceability rather than “one-up, one-down” standards used by some other entities (e.g. the Marine Stewardship Council). Six companies were reviewed against the Guidelines.  Site visits were undertaken to five of the six companies and included meetings with company personnel responsible for internal traceability systems and review of company policies and procedures.