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Responsible Sourcing

Today’s seafood consumers are increasingly interested in how their seafood is fished or farmed, while retailers and brands have strong business and ethical interests in promoting their sustainability credentials.  In that context, being able to demonstrate that seafood is responsibly sourced is increasingly becoming core business for much of the global supply chain.

MRAG Asia Pacific has considerable experience in responsible seafood sourcing issues, working closely with clients to examine sustainability risks and opportunities within their supply chains and developing policies and processes to support responsible sourcing.  In addition to examining ecological sustainability, MRAG also provides traceability and social accountability services to support fully integrated responsible sourcing programs. 

Services able to be provided include:

  • Supply chain sustainability risk assessment;
  • Responsible sourcing policy and program development;
  • Fishery improvement planning;
  • Alternative sourcing advice;
  • MSC certification;
  • Traceability risk assessments and auditing; and
  • Social accountability assessments.