Our Services

Fisheries Science

Effective resource management requires a sound understanding of the resource base. 

The MRAG group has built up considerable in-house expertise in biological and economic resource assessment and can draw on a strong network of internationally-recognised fisheries scientists. 

MRAG Asia Pacific has undertaken assessments on a diverse range of living resources from fish, crustacean, and mollusc species to terrestrial livestock. Assessments have been conducted on resources of all sizes: from small tropical fisheries to industrial operations where catches exceed 2,000,000 tons.  We have also participated in the design and implementation of industrial and artisanal fisheries data collection programmes across a range of developed and developing countries.

Our services include:

  • Fisheries stock assessments and resource characterisation;
  • Data collection program design and implementation;
  • Fisheries survey design and implementation, including logistical support; and
  • Data analysis and interpretation.

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