Investigation of a Unique Vessel Identifier to Support a Global Record of Fishing Vessels

Client: FAO
Duration: 2010
Fishing port with multiple fishing boats

This study explored options for the development of a unique vessel identifier (UVI) for fishing vessels within the broader Global Record of Fishing Vessels (GRFV) project led by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).  In addition to identifying a preferred option for the structure of the UVI, this study provided recommendations for the incorporation of sets of fishing vessels into the GRFV under a phased implementation programme. Four options for a fishing vessel UVI were formulated and assessed in terms of feasibility of including the full range of vessels envisaged by the GRFV; practicality of the data requirements and the likelihood these requirements can be met; and viability in terms of management structure and cost.  A three-phase implementation program was recommended, ultimately incorporating around 700,000 vessels.