Preliminary advice to PNA on a response to COVID-19

Client: PNA
Duration: 2020

The emergence of the COVID pandemic posed significant challenges for Pacific Island countries, including the PNA, most importantly as a risk to human health but also as a risk to national economies.  As the ‘majority owner’ of the world’s largest tuna fishery, revenue from fishing is a key source of economic activity for both Government and the private sector, with fishing access fees representing around 70% of Government revenue for some Parties.  To that end, Parties have a strong interest in maintaining a productive and well-managed fishing sector throughout the COVID pandemic.  In that context, MRAG Asia Pacific was contracted to undertake a rapid strategic study in the early days of the pandemic to examine likely impacts on tuna supply chains in the WCPO and to provide advice on possible PNA responses.  The study assessed impacts on fishery and market dynamics, risks to the broader supply chain and possible short and longer term management responses.