Nauru Fisheries Sector Evaluation

Client: Nauru Port Authority
Duration: 2019
Nauru fisheries

MRAG Asia Pacific was commissioned to evaluate the commercial opportunity a proposed new port facility in Nauru could present to the commercial fishing industry. The Government of Nauru was in the process of building the new seaport with the aim of ensuring sustainable and climate resilient connectivity for the people of Nauru. Although the primary purpose of the new port is to facilitate more efficient and climate resilient trade to Nauru, donor partners were interested to explore whether the port could be configured in such a way as to be attractive for use by the regional fishing industry, including unloading their catch onshore in Nauru. The study was undertaken in two phases: a scoping phase and a feasibility analysis. Scoping was largely undertaken in Nauru, with a focus on understanding the port project, the objectives Nauru wished to achieve from it and the potential for fisheries-related commercial activity. The feasibility phase was informed by literature review and consultation with key industry participants. Higher level qualitative and quantitative analysis was used to identify the most promising commercial opportunity, with more detailed cost benefit analysis to determine the financial viability of onshore fisheries-related operations.