Monitoring the Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Fisheries in the Pacific

Client: Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)
Duration: Mar – May 2010
Palau World Heritage Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

MRAG Asia Pacific assisted in the design of a system to monitor the impact of climate change on coastal fisheries, including (a) a practical monitoring program that can separate the effects of climate change from other variables in coastal fisheries, (b) development of tools to monitor the success of adaptation by coastal communities to climate change and (c) carry out field testing of these techniques in selected Pacific Island Countries and Territories. The project involved:

  • Reviewing literature and consulting with experts in the field to identify the information needed to monitor climate change impacts on coastal fisheries;
  • Identifying organisations and individuals already working in this field in the Pacific Islands, analysing what they are doing and assessing the opportunities to build on existing work;
  • Recommending priorities for data collection and analysis to be initiated by the project; and
  • Identifying locations and partners for field testing, with a view to developing sustainable arrangements after the end of the project.