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MRAG Asia Pacific is an independent fisheries and aquatic resource consulting company dedicated to the sustainable use of natural resources through sound, integrated management practices and policies.  

We share the MRAG philosophy of bringing the highest level of scientific and technical excellence to all of our projects and, together with our independent sister companies, MRAG Ltd and MRAG Americas, we form an international collection of specialists whose expertise has been utilised in designing and implementing integrated resource management systems in over 60 countries around the world.

Collectively, the MRAG companies have worked in most regions of the world, both in developed and developing nations, and for a range of international clients that include governments, inter-government agencies and private organisations. Project teams are formed from our core staff and our worldwide network of collaborators and contractors to bring specific regional expertise and knowledge to the development and implementation of every project.  

Our in-house experts have a wide variety of technical expertise and practical experience across all aspects of aquatic resource management, policy and planning, allowing us to take a multi-disciplinary approach to every project.  Our capability to service an extensive array of resource management needs is further extended through our network of associations with internationally acclaimed experts in academic institutions and private organisations worldwide.

With the capacity to draw on nearly three decades of experience, MRAG Asia Pacific has the capability to service an extensive range of resource management needs across the region, ranging from small scale, short term inputs to major, multi-year, international resource management initiatives.

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